Monday, August 06, 2012

Provincial Reconstruction Team

Unrepentantly postulating theoretical incursions into unknown territorial waters of knowledge and powerlessness. Usually starting an argument or debate, then going on a tangent and not completing...

Alternative histories, other ways of living.
Not being hooked into the 'system'.

Too alternative for the mainstream, but too mainstream for the alternative.

Then and now introducing some odious and divisive buzzwords in the tune of an eighties song for those with a tenuous grasp on modern history:

Mass shooting, proxy war
assassination, holocaust

Vietnam, J.F.K
World War II, M.L.K

Woodstock, Watergate
Cover-up, motorcade

Abdication, renegade
abortion clinic, hand grenade

Freedom fighter, terror raid
genocide, space race

9-11, Middle-East
religious clash, R.P.G

Suicide pact, W.M.D
AK-47, Wiki-leak

Israel, Palestine
Iron Curtain, Breadline

Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia
local conflict, deadly drama

Nepotism, abuse of power
trade dispute, napalm shower

Mates rate, space dust
date rapes, fake lust

We didn't start the fire... it was just a Billy Joel song.

The easiest way to get comments online, is to make a spelling mistake....

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