Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guns or Butter?

Ours is NOT to do or die. 
Ours is just to reason WHY?

The stench of compromise is preferable to the stench of death*

 *except apparently, in case of every war or armed conflict that has ever been, is currently unfolding or will ever occur in the future.

Governments seem to spend far more on military armaments, than education, culture or measures to combat poverty. So spending many more dollars to start a war rather than to stop one. Prevention is better than the cure, unless that prevention is mutually assured destruction. Can't we all just get along? Well obviously not, but can't we all focus a little less on killing people who don't speak our language or participate in our "Free-trade" agreements? Ok well, it's not really so much, the people on the ground  in the populations who want to kill others, but somehow they always end up with leaders that would rather use soldiers than diplomacy. The two World Wars didn't need to happen, but I can hardly imagine how the world would be if they hadn't. The whole system was cruising for a bruising clash, to teach itself how bad war is. Nationalistic rivalries and imperialistic jealousies, seem to trump shared humanity when it comes to the crunch. Just do what the media tells you and it will all be fine, for them.

Whenever there is another unexplained tragic horrible shooting massacre, that seem to occur frequently. Blame violence in society caused by Hollywood, video games, the internet, trench coats, hidden messages in music, Gothic subcultures, or anything the kids are into these days. But never, ever, EVER... blame guns or threaten to restrict their distribution or sale, if you ever want to get elected in America. From my cold dead hands, but you have to kill me first and I have a cache that would make David Koresh a bit nervous. So blame Batman, and try to only use your AK only for self-defence, or turning off light bulbs.

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