Sunday, July 22, 2012

Partially Privatised

Variety is obviously 'the spice of life', or so we've been told. But is it really? I mean really?

Or is it really...

Variety is the spice of inconsistency
Variety is the spice of sex
Variety is the luck of change
Variety is the way of nature
Variety is the business
Variety is difficult to categorise
Variety is hard to predict
Variety is not where you left it
Variety is the fuel of comedy
Variety is reason for our differences
Variety is unexpected and scary
Variety is just around the corner
Variety is coming next Tuesday
Variety is a vagabond
Variety is on a plate
Variety is magical
Variety is a word
Variety defies definition
Variety creates interesting juxtapositions
Variety hates uniformity and lists
Variety loves company and misery
Variety emits and submits
Variety deludes and excludes
Variety denies and supplies
Variety does what it wishes
Variety can be harmony
Variety will set you free
Variety is hard work
Variety rocks

1 comment:

whitelotus said...

wittgenstein marmalade karmakancy juicy juice premadonna parliament everglades estuary premature binder case school supplies oh for soothe.

blister kiss a carcinogen spray. al gore a sala malaichem or somesuch. essence effervescence essence of a machine, messages in a haiku find you like a pi. iyouwe is god no context is necessary, estuary carries enlightenment to a rested mind.

love my love, be child my kind; but you already know this.