Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Meaning Of Life...

Why are we here? Where else would we be?
Why do we come up with questions that have no agreed upon explaination? Because we're curious, bored or Trying to avoid thoughts about something worse like, resposibilities we don't want. Our impending deaths or just the general destruction our species is inflicting upon the planet.

(Woh thats a bit heavy ain't it? Better go watch TV so we don't have to think about that!)
Or are we more worried that our questions have no answers or that we will never learn the answer in our lifetime (whats next?).
What is gonna happen to us when our heart no longer pumps, our brain no longer thinks and we generally start to lose our accumulated molecules? Well no one really knows, so all we can do is argue over who has the best theory. Every pursuit of knowledge (or just answers) be it religion, science or any other attempt to explain what we are and why we're doing it. But what most of these approaches forget is that, no one knows! There is no monopoly on the truth. We can't predict the future. We don't even all agree on what has happened in the past. So what we should be doing is listening, thinking and quietly try to figure out whats going on as we wander through this giant maze, searching for the cheese.

So this blog if I keep adding to it will explore aspects of whatever I am currently interested in, while putting it in the context of my thoughts about life, love and the universe.
So its just a big load of bollocks!! Refreshing though isn't it???