Thursday, October 13, 2005

Revolving Thoughts...

Under the Influence
(A.K.A "If you're gonna copy someone... why not these guys??)

A brief selection of my influences thus far...
[in no particular order]
  • Chuck Palahniuk (novelist)

  • Len Lye (Artist) NZ

  • Joseph Heller (Novelist)

  • Noam Chomsky (Scholar)

  • Thom Yorke (Musician)

  • David Lange (Politician) NZ

  • Beck Hansen (Musician)

  • Robert M. Pirsig (Writer)

  • Steve Coogan (Actor)

  • Robin Williams (Comedian)

  • Sasha Baron Cohen (Satirist)

  • Andy Kaufman (Comedian)

  • Matt Groening (Cartoonist)

  • Owen Marshall (Writer) NZ

  • Stanley Kubrick (Director)

  • David Low (Cartoonist) NZ

  • Keith Haring (Artist)

  • Sammy Davis Jr. (Entertainer)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. (Leader)

  • Billy T. James(Entertainer)NZ

  • George Orwell (Writer)

  • Peter Sellers (Actor)

  • Seth MacFarlane (Cartoonist)

  • Bob Marley (Musician)

  • More to follow...

    With many of these people, it’s not only what they have produced/accomplished with their talents, but how they went about it.
    the (descriptions) are just an example of what they have achieved, many have done a lot more.
    I wasn't going to put links from each one, but I did...

    Intellectual Property is theft, unless you steal it...


    thisisnotmywebpagebutitisfun said...

    If there was no protection to those who express their ideas freely then they would simply keep their ideas to themselves... is that what you want??

    Yossarian said...
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    Yossarian said...

    are you a patent lawyer?

    p.s the comment at the end was a throw away line... i guess if i was going to debate it and go into all the in's and out's then there does need to be "protection" to prevent people ripping off others ideas, but hey.. how do you think Microsoft made their money??
    did they come up with GUI?
    or any ideas besides slipping a browser in an OS???
    Ponder that!!!
    If i was idealistic i'd say "Can't we all just share???" and learn fromk each other, but greed always overtakes altruism...

    free(legal)music?? said...

    It's hard to know, Art should be original by choice, but surely science/technology should be free for all of humanity to benefit from??

    Well: The fundamental concept intellectual property protection is as a catalyst to the spread and growth of communal knowledge. An exchange takes part between the government (on behalf of the public) and the inventor (intelligent person with lots of money). The public gets knowledge and the inventor gets a limited monopoly (usually up to 20 years - although by todays standards this is a substantial period of time). If this was not the system then there would be a huge pressure towards trade secrets and, as a result, industrial espionage (if thats the right term?). BLAB LAB LA