Friday, July 04, 2014

You're Favourite Colour Red...

Ok I don't usually like apologies, giving or receiving, but I am quite sorry.
Sorry that the images I'm about to post may have already been posted
by myself on an earlier date... possibly, maybe, probably...
I just hadn't seen them in a while and am a bit too lazy to go back
to make sure that they haven't already been, but who gives a flying fortress?


We'll call it greatest hits or some other excuse to recycle old shizz:

Tell me, who is to blame?

Pretty much all of us.

I get a bit angry about nothing sometimes, well not nothing
but just nothing I can control, like all the injustice in the world
(apologies for sounding extra emo on the line above)

I still can't decide whether there are elite conspiracies to fleece the poor
or if it's just an unfortunate bag-o-shight but no one really planned it.

I'd like to blame god or the people in charge of state and government
but I don't actually think anyone really wanted it to get as bad as it is...

I turn lots of things into games...

I enjoy life a lot more than I make it sound, cos without getting overly narcissistic I do think I am a good person, and I usually don't let myself get bored...

people probably think or assume I am a boring person, but if you can't entertain yourself aren't you the boring one?

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