Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sequel to an Earlier Post

Don't search for meanings...

Unless you want the answers.

These are of not much value...
just part of my alliteration game!

Compiled from a bunch of short messages sent
electronically to unsuspecting suburbanites
minding their own business...

  • Mondays make many men melancholy, maybe measuring meaningless milestones misuses mind matter merely made momentous.
  • Pen pushing parliamentarians promoting prescribed privileges, prevent partisan politics progressing past pending pollution problems.
  • Fully functional flutes float fittingly for fictional flamingos filtered first fortnightly from Frankenstein's facial features.
  • Impending implosion imminent in incomplete indices imbibed as informal infant is intending invitation in inner-city.
  • Stubborn seasonal snow scatters slick slush, slowly surrounding schools signalling snowboarding seriousness semi socially.
  • Cancerous cretins create carnage concerning Christchurch choirs casually corralling cows caught causing continuing concern currently.
  • Tarnished through teen touching trout, townies trek tenaciously toward trails topically; touting today, tomorrow, Timaru!
  • Bold Bikers bristle by bouncing boobs bobbing blustery beside bible bashing by-law bunny boilers building beastly bemusement.
  • Wee Willie-winky won't work whilst world wars wake worried warriors who Wiki's worldwide web wasted.
  • Madman Mugabe's mercenary minions monstrously milk mankind's murderous military mindset.
  • Vindictive Veitch virtually vetoes visual viewings of violence verification
  • Polite principles place pickled Peters' petty payment processes publicly poised, post partial parody publicity postponement policy.
  • Failed finance firms fall foul, finally forcing frugal folks from Foxton to focus faintly for fickle feeding frenzy.
  • Despite defiant Dan's determination Dingo Deans destroyers dented and denied dynamic defence deployment.
  • Consistent committed competitors chance considerable Chinese chaos to contest convincingly in corporate controlled competition.
  • Promo pylon parking prevents possible pioneers perverting pink postcard piking, puking and plastering prostitutes.
  • Amiable Austin's animated alliteration assuages Auckland acquaintance's anxiety.
As always additional access accelerated.

For John, Dillon and William!

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