Friday, August 15, 2008

After Life Management

Sunshine and Lollipops
(Or The meaning of Life part II*)

Can all spiritual experiences be explained in a scientific context?

Not denying the existence of a god but allowing for an alternative that makes the validity of a higher power irrelevant. Part of a great plan, a great cosmic reality, devoid of petty details that only have relevance in a limited context. There are infinite perceptions of reality but only one that matters, yours.

Hard to imagine, even harder to believe...
Mystical experiences = meaningfulness
Self-exploration = Therapy
Love myself and in doing so love mankind

There is no self, we're all just part of the universe, life is filled with meaning and importance. You just have to see it. Become something more than yourself. Find value in people instead of distancing yourself. Find who you are and why you live.

Explanation of all life or a feeling that shows it didn't really matter either way, due to stimulation of the right temporal lobe? Are shared experiences of seeing a "light" or a vortex proof of an afterlife, or just the final functions of a dying brain, consciousness does not depend on a functioning brain.

Out of darkness into light, ignorance to understanding...

(*mostly sourced from a documentary about studies into the brain activity of people who have near-death expericences)

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Tim said...

What's the name of the movie? Hope you're feeling better mate.