Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fade to Grey

Just to let you know...

I'm all* better now after the outbursts in the previous posts. Thanks for asking... Cheers, for all the concern over the depressed, attention-seeking ramblings of two weeks ago. These were necessary for personal development reasons, that you may now know of, if you know my non-digital real world equivalent form. But highly irrelevant to all others. Apologies and congratulations for the achievements that I'm sure you have accomplished due to personal suffering. So not to sound overly optimistic, but lets do all we can to make ourselves happy, by making others happy in a long term fashion, not short term. As we all seem so focused on the now, I know that is technically all we have. As past and future are merely abstract concepts that only exist in the mind and some documented records. But a focus on upcoming events and goals is far better than just living for today. I think I'm turning slightly evangelical, though I have no believe or connection to any religion or belief system established by others. Sermon complete.

Just watched Se7en the David Fincher movie again today, and that is still as good as it ever was over 10 years ago! Exact same applies to Pulp Fiction, except obviously it's a Tarantino flick.

*I now we are never ALL better, or else we would have nothing to improve on!

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