Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Unfettered creativity is one of the most
powerful manifestations of subversion possible,
for it offers us all a taste of freedom.

don't believe us
we're all cultural prostitutes

abolish work
steal time

Passion destroyed is reborn in the passion for destruction

smash it up

destroy bourgeois culture

power to the people

question everything

poetry must be made by all and not by one
A taste for change, satisfied by a change of taste

Whatever doesn't kill power is killed by it

My heart still hurts from last night

Governments are failures.

Depression is the obvious extension of boredom in consumer capitalism

Just give me a black mask (?)

Boredom is always counter- revolutionary

a world for everybody

living has become reduced to the economy of space

Much more can be said on these matters. Go ahead

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