Sunday, January 08, 2017

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Post for the sake of posting...

Cos it seems that's the way it is these days lol yolo fml words mfw rofl soz...

Anyway, we all got opinions, some of them we just got
some of them we've had for like hours, maybe even days
but we all agree the one who is right is whoever yelled the loudest
and demonstrated the values of their viewpoints by viciously attacking
anyone who has a counter viewpoint or criticism, it's just science
listening to others makes you weak
man up and get your own viewpoint
from the best blow hard you can find
quick knee jerk reactions work well
and if you ever start to lose an argument...
just change to a different one
We are always right and they are always wrong
no middle ground anymore
you're either with us or against us

you can't steal an election if the Russians stole it for you
and if you didn't want them to steal it you're a fool
I have far more intelligence than all of the agencies
I am the least racist person I know
and I have all the best words

NB: If not clear the above is sort of ironic satire type jive and I think we could have the wrong people in control of our systems... but somehow they've cleverly split the poor in two in some kind of divide and command and conquer type scamario (which is a word I've made up and would like to claim, cos it's mine you bastards and I want you to use it but only if I get the credit!!!)

Ok it's a friggin scam mixed with a scenario, get it? So like a situation where we're being conned, or enough of us are to start turning back the clock on what seemed to be progressive democratic societies...

Looks like Keith Olbermann (sp?) has come out of hibernation to scream sweet nothings into the abyss...

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