Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Whole World's Watching...

The people united will never be defeated!
"NYPD is Wall Street's Private Army"

Hey hey, ho ho, corporate greed has got to go!
this is a peaceful protest...

Police reinforce the dominant social structure... no matter how fucked it is
shame shame shame

Justice delayed is justice denied
social justice now, tomorrow, today!

People are ruled by governments
governments are ruled by markets

Borders are imaginary, restrictions man made
all governments are fraudulent, protect the status quo

Not that I have anything better to replace it, the law of the jungle
rat race, no morals just laws, exceptions, bribery, corruption

All suggestions welcome
I guess were only human

SORRY that's just some insane theories that would ruin the perfect world we currently live eh... the current economic inequalities are totally justified, people should just have to go without higher education, social services can be cut, etc... but we can still have an opulent wedding with affluent guests for the future King/throw a party for the state/bail out a bank, people should have to live in poverty (if it balances budgets) while others live it large, some are job-creators after all and far more important than the poor, who pretty much deserve it, you know their parents were poor so it's in the genes, wealth redistribution would just make them lazier and even less entrepreneurial than they are currently, their portfolios diversified with all the great gifts of the corporate masters: gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, credit cards, bling, flat-screens TVs and other stuff they waste money on things like rent, food, electricity, medical bills, childcare, headstones, clothes, etc... whereas rich people are so much classier, they do cocaine and live in the 1980's, holiday in the sun, adore yachts, plastic surgery and dead artists, increase gross domestic product, use phrases like 'per capita'... even though most of their wealth was inherited, they have become accustomed their daily burden, of knowing their fabulous because they donate to tax-deductible charities that can give a shit for them, safe in the knowledge that although mo' money means mo' problems, it also hires/buys more reinforcements, militia, mercenaries, intelligence agents, helicopter gun-ships, cluster bombs, police, soldiers and other ways to prop up the system. This may have happened by accident or random chance, but were damned if were going to try to equal things up!!! Any guilt arising from the above does not apply to self made millionaires, their dramatic rise from poverty and cunning social mobility, is worthy of a biopic, private security detail and freedom to enslave... if they can do it, then you must just be less motivated, get off your arse and stop reading stuff on the internet and you might just be able to be successful too, ideas are for schmucks, actions speak louder than, go develop and invest, mess things up a bit, as we obviously can't fix things, well not without making things worse...

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