Monday, June 13, 2011


personal ad for humanity (condition applies)

interests include:
seeking out new stuff, classifying all we see, chavanism
travel, study, breathing, complaining, manipulating, calculating
long walks on the beach, dinner, brunch, lego, birds, madness
reproduction, collecting, empire building, replication
sunsets, drinking, lunar eclipses, toys, distractions
fashion, fads, crazes, repetition, changing old stories
nostalgia, rewriting history to create a false past, myths
legends, oral traditions, poetry, rumours, tales, scadal, lies
apathy, mood-swings, revenge, remorse, redemption, relapse,
retirement, recovery, lethargy, cathassis, relocation
humour, aggression, leverage, politics, unrequited love
beverages, survival, competition, charity, greed, romance
lust, envy, speed, clarity, nonsense, flora and fauna
bragging, conciet, loathing, hoarding, flaunting, corruption
feathering our own nest at the expense of others at times,
shooting things, taking photos, sports, hate, ignorance, fear
order, debate, democracy, rules, restrictions, destruction
hope, predictions, gambling, destractions, theft, piracy
tools, cars, machinery, technology, speculation
rebellion, revolution, resistance, repetition,
and the rest

looking to meet similar

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