Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Know The Drill

The following transcript was found inside a dark and murky area of little value. You probably know somewhere like that near you...

WARNING: May have no conceivable aim or goal. At all.

(Answer machine voice)

“Message received on Thursday the twenty-eighth of September, two thousand six at five fifty five pm:”

(Generic male voice)

“Yeah I just rang to say that I won’t be posting this Monday like I usually may do, so yeah you probably knew that already somehow, but I if you didn’t you know now. If you don’t know why I’ll tell you cryptically in a week or so, maybe, if you’re lucky”

(Breaks off into laughter)

“Or just mention it in a round-about way...”

(Theatrical pause)

“What mystery? I don’t not know* what you’re alluding to, you happy? Solved…yeah well I could trail on like this for quite a while. But I won't. Long story short: I probably won’t be round as usual temporarily and it’s all for the better, and I just didn’t want you to think I given up”


“So yeah I’ve just helped to pass/waste a little bit of time for at least 5 or 6 people, maybe more I don’t want to start estimating all round the show. Okay I’m wrapping up, and you shouldn’t expect much anyway, not round here. Or over there. Low expectations a better than disappointment, well in the short term anyhow, every little bit helps. Justice and fairness are abstract nouns. Enough is enough…”

(Phone hangs up)

*apologies for double negatives

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Cornealius said...

What the F*&$ was that about