Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sad Cat Post

I don't usually use this space to mention my own personal events too much,
well I guess, I do in a vague roundabout fashion, omit names to protect identities, etc
but anyway here's some raw uncensored info...

I received sad news yesterday:
My Cat died.

He was born in 1989 and lived his whole life in the same house/garden
so in human (calendar) years he was about 21 and a half,
but in cat terms that is far far older, almost 100 I think?
he was very old though and had a mostly sedate, carefree life
besides the odd nocturnal fight in his younger years.

So RIP Speedy the cat I got when I was 7*
what a good bastard he was.

Speedy relaxing (Circa. 1999)

*If u know maths u can work out my age.

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