Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things and Stuff

Random Word Generation:

I'll supply the words. You do whatever it is, you normally do...

Reality Shock
Gumption Traps
Premier Combat Unit
Insidious Paranoia
Omnipotent Forces
Anonymous Informants

Emotional Manipulation Machine
Standing Army
Mental Health Day
Mad Magazines
Sexaholic Nymph
Remorse Addict

Sympathy Junkie
Dominant Hegemony
Insurgent Militia
Migrant Species
Nomadic Ideologies
Economic Contagion

Ethnic Disharmony
Historic Struggles
Unending Clashes
Genocidal Conflict
Imperial Overlords
Stagnant Superpowers

Empirical Research
Unprovable Rumours
Shared Illusions
Mass Hallucination
Common Nonsense
Spiritual Denial

Inconsistent meaning
Class Divisions
Subconscious Battles
Impenetrable Logic
Intellectual Stalemate
Subliminal Hate

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