Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Irresistible and Irrelevant

Life is tough
perception is reality
we could have had it all...

for as long as we've had a broadcast media
they've had us perpetually petrified

the camera never lies
a nation victimised by crime

harbingers of horrible truth
statistics were to blame

Insanity, creativity
mental illness, depression
bi-polar mood swings
fast, fresh, new, now what?

plain old-fashioned
dependable stable structure
morals, things we need to do
are tedious and dull

we love a good conflict
it's either chaos or boredom
lonely or frustrated

How do we project ourselves to the world?

Please inspire me...

(p.s some concepts in this post were 'borrowed' from...
"The unauthorised history of NZ" {TV series})

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