Monday, December 05, 2005

Future Present Past

The times they are a...

(witty headline might have read:) FUTURE WORLD POLICE LOSE HEAD

"Two deaths marked the second year of the century
One was Queen Victoria (who was old and decrepit anyway, probably needed a makeover or two) the other was the US president William McKinley, who was shot at the Pan-American Exhibition in Buffalo on Sept 6 and died 8 days later…

McKinley’s assassination was a “new-age” death. He was shot by an anarchist; he won the Presidency with techniques that revolutionised political campaigns; his success was founded on one of the great issues of the 20th century – trade protection; and his entry into war with Spain ended US isolation – the war gave it an empire and made it an active participant on the world stage."

Anyone thinking what im thinking?
I think some sort of trend started there... with the whole US Imperial war thing!

Copy (yeah) right MMV

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