Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Potential energy

No translation for the truth (A.K.A: Get me a lawyer, chump!)

Heart beating faster than ever
but I'm not moving at all
just lyin' here
watchin' a buzzy clip
music video
myth creation
Thoughts not attaching or attacking
just floatin', glydin', runnin'
(I've heard that song before)

Plans? values? illusions?
I have all
or do I?
But were they just inherited?
passed down, learned, attached
weened into
product of environment, etc...

blah blah blah... NOBODY KNOWS!
nature/nurture, genes/environment
interpolation, cross contamination
irrelevant issues,
or a key to understanding
the world around us,
control surroundings
surrounding control.

Turning that whole
environment thing on its arse
to suit ourselves,
reach the peak
exploit the old order
'till we can implement...
the new order!!!

"Each night, i bury my love around here....(sic.)"

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Tim said...

Interpol ... ation