Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Velvet Morning

Live through this...

Ok so I only got to 40 days in a row of the haiku thing...
but I still think it was a pretty momentous personal accomplishment anyway...

Day 37 - 8-10-12
Title: Thirty Seven (Unwritten Letters)
thirty seven thoughts
run away from their master
some best left unsaid

D a y  3 8 - Ninth of October
Title: Thirty Eight (The Great Debate)
no matter what state
you cannot escape your fate
with a thirty eight

day 39 - 10th of the 10th ofthe 12th
title: Thirty Nine (they used to be cool)
are hippies now a
less dominant subculture
thirty nine roach clips

Day 40 - 11th October 2012
Title: Forty (a nice round number)
forty not fourty
merely so by convention
common misspelling

End of sequence... (for now)
Made it to 40

New Stuff:

Possible future topics of discussion:

Sleep is quite a fascinating thing...
that we seem to know relatively very little about
recharge, reorder, replenish, repent?
We just accept that a third of our lives will be black out
circadian rhythms, I miss my second sleep.


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