Sunday, October 07, 2012

God Damn Pinko Liberal Commie Class War

I've seen my brothers working
Throughout this mighty land;
I prayed we'd get together,
And together make a stand.

Then we'd own those banks of marble,
With a guard at every door;
And we'd share those vaults of silver,
That we have sweated for

(Banks Are Made of Marble - Pete Seeger)

Why is it that the poor are "fighting class warfare" when they are just trying to survive...
Whereas if people build up vast amounts of wealth and don't share it, that's cool...

Well to me that's totally fucked, if you really think about life, doesn't it make sense that society should be judged on how it treats the weakest? Trickle down doesn't work, it's trickle up bitches, like Henry Ford observed. If you pay workers enough to purchase products then they will and everybody wins, well except the environment  but we seemed pretty determined to fuck that up too, so whatevs.... I wish everybody had a good work ethic and took personal responsibility for themselves, but that doesn't seem to be realistic, so should we just unleash poverty and let that sort it out? Our proletariat now live in the third world where our products are made. Should we care less about people because they are on the other side of a line on the map? Or because they speak a different language? Our system wants a certain level of unemployment to keep wages low, we exported our slavery. Poverty is not an individual problem. Starvation is caused by lack of distribution, not shortage. But thinking about that stuff just makes me angry. Might go and count my money.

Is it ironic that the news of MLK's death caused riots across America?

Planned Shrinkage

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