Sunday, October 07, 2012

Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.

Can you justify your actions?

Haiku updates for Days 29 through 36 (of 100):

Day 29 - 30/09/12
Title: Twenty Nine (tragic disaster)
went to work that day
those twenty nine men of Pike
never to return

Day 30 - 1st October Twenty Twelve
Title: Thirty (years)
still young at thirty
an age I don't want to be
the end of childhood

Day 31 – 2nd Oct
Title: Thirty One (Cynical excuses)
Thirty one thousand
People killed in Syria
Damn veto power

Day 32 - 3rd Oct
Title: Thirty Two (Shoppers)
Thirty two people
went to the market that day
most bought shiny things

Day 33 - 4th Oct
Title: Thirty three (Stars)
thirty three uppers
downers screamers laughers then
Buzzy McBuzz Buzz

Day 34 - 5/10/12
Title: Thirty four (Crumbles)
rust neglect decay
thirty four years without care
old infrastructure

Thirty Fifth Day - 6th Oct 12
Title: Thirty Five (Animations)
magical comrades
thirty five repeats a day
of Finn and Jake time

Day 36 - 7-10-2012
Title: Thirty Six (placebos)
my hypothesis
thirty six experiments
no more conclusions

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