Monday, July 04, 2005

The Dichotomy that didn’t exist!

Everyone was always told that the world was divided into two, polar opposites. But then someone thought that maybe it was more complicated than that. Not many knew of it really.

Maybe things weren't black and white, with shades of grey ...that were too stupid to make up their bloody minds, about what colour (or lack of colour) they wanted to be committed to forever! (and so forth). But seeing nothing is truly originally (nor completely derivative) then neither is this, a bit from here a bit from there. It’s all connected somewhat, and like most of my beliefs only true to a certain degree, with various exceptions. I wouldn’t use the word religion, but….

Where is the bitter irony?

Ohh… (That’s right), it’s everywhere...

(We’ll probably all hurt someone, when we really wanted to please them, such is stuff…

...the Odyssey continues inc.)