Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fragment (consider revising)

Word Aerobics:

Cheesy Cliché bollocks:
Memory dump fuselage extraction point
Patient, Salient, Nonsensical.
Misuse of funds, abuse of power
Lie, cheat, steal. Decimate. Hide.
Compulsive need for symmetry.
Sensational antics. Scandal. Slander. Accusations. Tripe.
The only question is… Why?
Planning ‘til we die: building toward something? Or somewhere?
What the fox your answer to that mother Mary?
This isn’t necessarily for you,
it’s more for me:
a release of tension/
a continuing documentation of thought content /
void filler/ self-validation/gratification station.
Some sort of cheap therapy (that doesn’t go into specifics)

I’m fixing a hole… that stops my mind…

Daily Word Game

(Word Association Football.)

Sun soon S.A.M sign

Moon man mine most

Chews choose lose loose

Wendy Mendez lenses less

Thor thought through though

Fry frig freak freq

Saturn signal sight nite

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