Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jumbled drivel

Is life a bit like a game of 'Risk ®' ?

Whoever excels early, will either get ganged up on by all those insecure about someone being more powerful than them, or is crushed under the weight of their own potential? Meaning that: those who are really going to achieve a full life potential, must not peak too early, and have a strategy of constant advancement. Instead of brewing up for a while then unleashing all your fury in one foul swoop.
Never over extend your power.
Or is everything far too random to ever empirically prove such a haphazard general theory of human destiny.

We are just taking a ride on our molecules,
Where does the rider go when the shell, slips off the side?

Obsessive suffering crazed humanity.

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Anonymous said...

to have doubt as a philosophical way of life is to choose immobility as a way of transport.
stop smoking
do sadoku's
finger yourself, i don't care just keep moving!!