Monday, October 15, 2007

Self Motivated

'There's another man within me
that's angry with me' (
Sir Thomas Browne)

Things not to do:
  • Don't order them around or tell them to do things without explaining why.
  • Don't tell them not to worry, or that they're lucky it wasn't worse.
  • Don't talk down to them or not listen.
  • Don't reassure them everything is all right when it isn't.
  • Don't take their anger or emotions personally.
  • Don't get emotional or excited with them.
(From HR manual: "Effects of prolonged stress")

'Within limits of normality, every individual loves himself. In cases where he has a deformity or abnormality or develops it later, his own aesthetic sense revolts and he develops a sort of disgust towards himself. Though with time he becomes reconciled to his deformities, it is only at the conscious level. His sub-conscious mind, which continues to bear the mark of injury, brings about certain changes in his whole personality, making him suspicious of society.' - R.V. Wardekar in a pamphlet on leprosy

'Io non mori', e non rimasi vivo.'
(I did not die, yet nothing of life remained.)

The Revolution will not be Televised!

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