Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Optic Array Before Us

It is not natural to always be rational, but it is wise to try!

As I have been promising for the last few years to tell you all the easy answers (without ever telling you the simple questions) I now take his opportunity to disappoint you all by finally revealing what these questions and (of course) answers really are. Now they may not apply to you personally, but they bloody do because I (and people far smarter than me) say so. So don't try and wiggle your way out of this one, by saying that is load of crap that has nothing to do with me/you! Now that this intro has imploded on itself, run out of steam, bitten the bullet and so forth, I bring you: (drum roll ensues)

"The Easy Answers" the three most important vague questions
we can generally ask about life.

  • What can I know?
  • What ought I do?
  • What may I hope for?

So guess for yourself...

and then check out...
"The Easy Answers"...
as listed below....

  • What can I know? Nothing is for sure
  • What ought I do? Try not to hurt anyone
  • What may I hope for? For the best (but it won't make any difference)

Glad I could clear that up for everyone*

(*Courtesy of William Boyd...
and philosophers I am to ignorant to name currently.)

"What cannot be avoided must be welcomed"

Hurra Torpedo - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (live)

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