Monday, June 23, 2008

State The Obvious

Slogo hater hymns
for Homo sapiens

(slogos for the bros woes)
Nasty little words
that mean so little
I'm not there, I'm here.
I'm not dated, I'm retro.
I'm not lazy, I'm creative.
I'm not insane, I'm illogical.
I'm not messy, I'm abstract.
I'm not lonely, I'm independent.
I'm not elitist, I'm discerning.
I'm not improving, I'm developing.
I'm not apathetic, I'm uninspired.
I'm not defective, I'm biological.
I'm not ruthless, I'm determined.
I'm not boring, I'm analytical (ha-ha anal)
I'm not pathetic, I'm misunderstood.
I'm not completing, I'm delegating.
I'm not dead, I'm sleeping.
I'm not this, I'm that.
I should work in PR (not)
I'm not x, I'm y.

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