Monday, November 30, 2009

Blame Excuse Denial

As you may have noticed this blog was on an unscheduled hiatus from May to November of this year. This is due to several factors, the major one being we don't even have a phone at my flat, let alone broadband or even (*shudder*) dial-up. I have also been a bit busy living the life of a undiscovered non-hedonistic rock-star/comic book creator, who abandons the outside world after many disillusionments and being rejected for his vast talents. But now I return, modest as ever, to try and continue to carve out my niche. By highlighting things that I want to be remembered, long after we are gone, like those people from the past that left us funny stuff to ponder. While also drawing attention to other ideas/achievements that have been forgotten, far too prematurely.

So here are some crazes/phases I have been involved with while I've been absent:
  • Dexter (series 3)
  • Arrested Development (All episodes of all 3 series)
  • Mr. Show (See: Youtube)
  • Wonder Showzen (also See: Youtube)
  • The Genographic Project
  • Flight of The Conchords (series 2)
  • Summer Heights High
  • Other Stuff

NB:Now these are only reasons, not excuses. I will have my own judgement, yours can wait til after!


Tim said...

Get off the couch!

Yossarian said...

Get off the beach?