Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cliche Soup (to amuse/confuse)

Headlines that never quite made it to print:
('cos they are nonsensical rubbish)

  • Frozen pilot-scheme sundae school rhetorical questionnaire subsidiary holdings baffle.
  • Politicians picked last by Captain's of Industry in Gym-class brawl for hearts and minds.
  • Nun caught trafficking mystery variables through undefinable love-making alternatives.
  • Critics claim anally-retentive plot-twists murder lost serial number subversion.
  • Guerrillas missed chance in boss attack level of ultimate game console play-off.
  • Attack of the intangible jungle boogie monster truck madness of past monarchs.
  • Oscar-winning treachery leaves consciousness underneath unsafe proportional performance when represented with colourful graphics index finger discount.
  • Unethical experimental customer service contemplation configuration consternation.
  • Logic mushrooms deny justifiable homicide committee's rest-week function growth.
  • Digital sandwiches of defiance edict cultural cringe-worthy opposable thumb wrestlers.
  • Conclusion jump-start cuts test-run motorcade lift-off panorama convertible.
  • Impossible illusions taint mission of unrequited attempts to stop this sentence.
  • Aimless alliterations annoy alternative anarchists allied amusingly.

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