Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nominally interesting You Tube Link Post

Figure out for yourself which of these aren't safe for work!

My favourite song of the day:

Most boring video of the day:

New sexy version of Sesame St pinball song:
(Not strickly you tube cos they banned it)

Marvin Gay cover of the day:

Weirdest/WTF/homoerotic song of the day:
(slightly unsure why I added this, don't click it if ur a bit scared of gay... Life is a bit of an adventure tho really, so go on have a look/laugh/cry/cwank as you see fit, but maybe don't....)

Best band on Letterman this week:

*Sorry if the name of the band/unit/group/person is meant to go first.

Hope they don't all turn to broken links in the futurocity y'all....

Tell me what you know about dreaming...

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