Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Venus Project

I got a flyer in my mailbox the other day it read...

Some people believe a "free-market" will produce freedom.
Turns out it produces cartels and monopolies.

Think about it.

As it tends to fit with my personal beliefs and view so far...
but unfortunately I cannot see those who currently control our earth's' resources willingly redistributing them, which seems to be a necessary part of the plan...
they would kill all of the working class and the third world, before giving up their ill-deserved privileges

inheritance is theft
property is theft
socialism is corruption
we are not yet civilised

I fully think we should all check it out and research a little further into these ideas.
Anything that can improve our current system of neo-slavery,
third world manufacturing all our goods and all the other badness
e.g crime, war, torture, twilight, BP, victory riots, assassinations, rape, advertising, animal cruelty, starvation, shity jobs, depression, financial collapse, economic failure, graffiti, urban decay, chewing gum on the bottom of seats, wankers, fat people, unfunny comedy, manipulative rom-coms, other stuff I dislike, etc... (sorry went right off track)

I guess it's slightly utopian and optimistic, but that's still far better than the alternatives.


Anonymous said...

you should read the strongest arguments against what you are proposing which is Anne Rynds Objectivism...

etc.. xD

Yossarian said...

Is discussing something the same as promoting it? Looks like you have given me a list of books to read...