Friday, September 17, 2010

Magni- 'tude...

continents drift
plates collide
faults awaken
normalities cease

earth shakes
buildings tremor
people quake
things sway

chimneys dismount
homes move
contents break
lands slip

roads tear
cracks ripple
pipes crack
bricks fall

pets flee
bookcases topple
facades demolish
nerves fray

reality alters
neighbours meet
spirits harden
schedules change

volunteers emerge
cameras flash
politicians flock
events postpone

fears materialise
sanity leaves
anxiety reigns
minds snap

people help
hearts attack
vultures circle
emotions increase

lique factions
sand volcanoes
rubble piles
insurance scams

cowboys rampage
services return
structures accessed
rebuilding begins

afters shock
headlines fade
journalists leave
opportunists pillage

shit happens
life continues


Kannan said...

Great writing.

Jay Louidor said...

I loved it. Inspiring words and realistic at the same time...

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

I loved it and had to laught at the last lines
"shit happens
life continues"
so true

Rob Grams said...

That's a brilliant poem man! Kudos to you!

No.girls.on.the.internet said...

I really like your writing.