Friday, May 25, 2012

Constant Stimulation

= flexible labour market = lack of collective bargaining = low wages = lack of collective bargaining = 

Unrelated  non-sentiments:
I read an article the other day about an Iranian dude on the run, that they referred to as the "Salman Rushdie of Rap" or "Rushdie of Music". Because he has had a fatwa placed upon him, due to his lyrics challenging the religious rulers of the Islamic republic. etc. etc... Anyway the term "Rushdie of Rap" made me think of alternative personality-career-cross-overs, such as:

  • "The Pythagoras of Painting"
  • "The Nostradamus of Weather-forecasting"
  • "The Brittany Spears of Politics"
  • "The Bowie of Brain Surgery"
  • "The Bart Simpson of Media Ownership"
  • "The Machiavelli of male Modelling"
  • "The Adolph Hitler of Parking Enforcement" 
  • "The Jesus of Professional Sport"
  • "The Scrooge McDuck of Finance Ministers"
  • "The Michael Bay of Party-organisation"
  • "The Richard Branson of stamp collecting"
  • "The M.C Hammer of Empire Building"
  • "The Jon Stewart of Line-dancing"
  • "The Orwell of Ornithology"
  • "The Colbert of Colonoscopy"
  • "The Oprah of Telemarketing"
  • "The Mel Gibson of Thumb-wrestling"
  • "The Will Smith of Sandcastle-Building"

How to wreck a nice beach?

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