Monday, March 25, 2013

A Game Changer

Reference within a reference...

Free West Papua
...Should Have Been Number One to Me
All You Can Eat
That's What she Said...
Dirty Old Hip Hop (has nothing to do with this pos...
Community Common Unity
Newspaper Taxis
Summer Organ Harvest Fiasco Scandal Nightmare
Chemical Burn After Reading Comprehension
Take More Holidays!!!
I'll Get Back to the Gym Next Week
Omishambles and me
Counter Factual
Pithy Clich├ęs
Freedom Of Screech
It's All Relative
Breakfast Elephants
The Dark Passenger (laa laa laa laa lala lala)
Psychic Traumas
Limited Lifespan
Semantics Vs. Semiotics
Existential Threat
Spirited Debate Hijacked by Trolls?
Snappy Answers to Questionable Stupidity
DIY Dentistry
Yo Mama!
Some Velvet Morning
Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.
God Damn Pinko Liberal Commie Class War
Twist n Shout
Micro Financing (Punk Is Dead)
Good Show Old Boy
The Death of Television (Auto-tuned Reprise)
Pre-existing Conditions
Jon Stewart For President
Birds Flying High, You Know How I feel...
Hyper Transparency
Quartz, Parchment, Shears
Patterns Within Patterns
Knowing Silence Will Speak For Her
I'm Not The Walrus
Right Of Asylum
Free Pussy Riot
Rube Goldberg Machine
Bo Xilai
Provincial Reconstruction Team
Guns or Butter?
Partially Privatised
The End Of History
Critical Thinking
Book Car Service
Exercise. Relaxation. Sleep.
Cosmic Glue
Inappropriate Timing
Editorial Independence
Holiday Panoramas
The Big Questions
100 Years Today
Tango Bravo Lima
Third-party Loophole
Inherited Privilege
Transit of Venus
Seditious Thoughts
Ultimate Insult
Subtle Melodrama
Constant Stimulation
Alan Partridge Ah-haa
Hook Me Up
Honey and Vinegar Realty
Empathy vs. Sympathy vs. Apathy
Social Critic
Capture the Flag
Attention Economy
Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Professor Professorson
Spiritual Transformation
Ribs and Rumps
Ancient History Channel
The Ravenous Hordes
Friendly Fire
Joint At The Hip
Commercially Sensitive
The House of Next Tuesday
Famous For Being Famous
Time/Identity Crisis
Small Arms fire
Unsent Letters
Ultra Mild
Mo' Money Mo' Problems
Please Save Yourself
Sorry For Your Loss
The Mountain of God
Silent Analysis
Constant Conflict
Orchestra In a Brothel
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Difficult Subject Matter

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