Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Present Has No Beginning/Ending

Dear sentient beings,

The Mission:

Continuing with my infrequent yet prolific attempts to define my surroundings in a vague yet reassuring, surrealist but humourous manner...

...while maintaining integrity and building tension.

Only joking... sucked in, shame!

Ok for realsies now...

Revolutions come and go; but nothing seems to change.

Once a freedom fighter gets in, power corrupts them (Mugabe, Gaddafi, etc.) or the tasks are just too immense for them to deal with, challenges too great to great for even the great to conquer (Mandela and gonna controversially slip-in Obama as an example there... Oh no they deer int!)

I don't want to be so cynical, but it's hard not to be. I'm basically forced to delude myself in small ways to prevent myself from getting too disgruntled/disgusted with everything, but don't we all (to some degree?) whether conscious or sub-consciously. Just don't all admit it. Otherwise if you dissect history and god-dayam present oppressive reality.

Either those in control don't know what to do, or they are benefitting from current circumstances. Western society is polarised and the majority live in poverty, slums, ghettos, hoods, etc... and that's just the first world. Who all pretty much gave up on Africa (as an example) back in the eighties, (sing along everybody!:) "heal the world..." so glad that's sorted now! Phew... "Back to cocaine and bad haircuts for us!" Ignorance is bliss and just a little too convenient for my likings these days.

I guess we can blame war or greed or corruption or god or any of that shit... just anybody but ourselves. Because, to be honest if you do start hating yourself, you're pretty much fucked, will take it out on others and be a self-destructive arsehole. Which is only a tiny-bit preferable to being an arrogant smug bastard, with cranium inserted rectally, who fucks things up but takes no responsibility afterwards.

This profanity is liberating! I usually don't get too abusive or sweary (at least I hope not) but lacing in a few expletives just as they would normally come out, make's it feel like I'm writing for 'Vice' mag!

Mainstream culture just wants you to forget. To sit down and be passive, but post about your progressive interests and pretend your supporting a worthy cause. Give you just enough freedom to make you comfortable enough to ignore the way the rest of the world suffers daily. The exceptions to every rule, get thrown back at us, as we're constantly reminded there couldn't possibly be any better ways.

Have a fucken great day and shit!

Yours blogfully,
Person who wrote this (and the others who passively support me, but have not signalled this at all)

p.s sorry if you like apologies, cos...
p.s.a: swearing is not good for young children...

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