Sunday, October 06, 2013

Angstasy Ganstasy

Stuff you already should have known, but apparently I didn't:

I no longer have control over the past, as that is by very definition the past.

It has happened, already and cannot be changed
no matter how much I regret it or stew about it internally
but what I do have control over is my current reaction to said events
actions or inactions of the past
how I view it, what I give importance to
the myths I make, the facts I break

I can totally control how I act right now, if I choose to...
So the question is: will I? Choose to make the best of the now
or let the past act as an excuse to prejudice my thoughts?
and convince me that I can't do what I want to

because at one time previously I didn't do, what I now believe I should have
but really have no way of independently verifying if that decision would have created
a distinctly better scenario of life, or merely have created other challenges


me and me said...

what regrets do you have?
C'mon, just a peak, just a tiny snippet of a non-vague answer.

Anonymous said...

nice piece of writing...
have a look here too

Yossarian said...

@ top comment:

mainly the way I have treated others in the past...

but I guess that's still a pretty vague answer, but giving names or details seems a bit too specific...