Friday, November 15, 2013

Digital Penetration

When did the book of face go from being:

the place you shared your pics while you're on an overseas holiday (circa. 2007 or wheneves)...
to the place where your parents hang out and play crappy games...
we're we the last/only generation to do anything special?

or will we be unlucky enough to get a great war and a great depression all mixed together?

Nah I'm totally joking, there's always some crazy shit going down somewhere
but our history books tend to focus on what we want to hear...

half truths become accepted wisdom, e.g. that America won WW2 for everybody
but I think the Russians should get more credit for doing that, if you check the body counts...

but just because I've said that doesn't mean I'm any sort of apologist for Russian politics
e.g. their laws and stance on non-heterosexuality or the way they have 30 Greenpeace dudes jailed...

or all the terrible shit that went down under Stalin and all the other power hungry mofos
that made communism so bad, that it 's no longer presented as a valid option in the Anglophile world

The subtle implication in the media and society is that if you consider socialism an option you're lazy
and your gonna waste all of the hard working peoples money on your frivolous needs...

In the Philippines (I almost accidentally wrote Philadelphia, Freudian slip?) right now post disaster
we've seen it on the news, we want to give them stuff, but nothing is getting there fast enough...

food warehouses and other caches of things edible are guarded against looters/the starving
why can't they just have that stuff now? the donations that come in will be worth far more

what we want to give them won't get there for a long time, they should just have what's there now
the owners mustn't think they will et paid or money is more important than people?

the GFC was caused by the bigwigs, but was really only really experienced by the working-class and poor
oh well, that seems fair enough when you consider the quality of mainstream entertainment (<--sarcasm p="">
end of ramble

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Ivan said...

Communism won't work until people learn to put their shopping carts into designated areas and not leave them all over the parking lot. Until the basics are covered I don't want to join hands and build a perfect society. All politics must begin with acceptance of human mediocrity and if that is done than the society we inhabit is not that bad by comparison.