Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pre-Xmas Rape-Culture Rant-Fest

Where do journalists and photographers get their food from when their filming diasterporn and starving people?

Or is that a really stupid question?

Other types of porn I have come across that don't involve naked people:

  • foodporn
  • cloudporn
  • architectureporn
  • tortureporn
  • wordporn
is the whole world is getting slowly* pornographied? Or just ex-disney stars?

Weird how people use the 'logic' in cases sexual assault and rape of 'well what was she wearing?' or 'well she was hanging out at night having fun, what did she expect? tut, tut..'

but your never hear someone say after a burglary "oh what do they expect, with that big flash house out in the open for anyone to see" or when a car gets stolen: "did you see how big those wheels were? that's just asking for trouble, if you ask me" ...and we didn't.

*relatively speaking

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Drew Byrne said...

Soft prawn or hard prawn, it's all prawn to me.