Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to P*ss Everyone Off At Once

(I can't actually control things (ok maybe some on a superficial level, but...)
I can control my reaction to things.

I find it really hard to stay in the now...

I keep flicking off to other thoughts, need to learn to be in the present more.

Better stuff is not in the past and future, it's right now.

Only a quiet mind can be in the now)

This next thought won't go anywhere/far
so not sure why I am even giving it oxygen
you'll pretty much hate it and or shout it down
or someone will pay you to do similar activities
but should people with inherited wealth be excluded from taking up public office above a certain level? As they have never really had to deal with reality, have they?
Now I can already see some flaws and exceptions to my own idea, but really all this dynasty, feathering our own nest, spoilt few, sorta shit makes people ignore poverty or just not understand that live is a struggle. But I have to admit the dudes around the bus/train station with their begging signs piss me off too. So I am a complete f*cken hypocrite, just like all of us, but at least I can admit that shit, ya know...

Who would win in a one-on-one weapon-less street fight in real life...
out of Buddha and Christ*  ???

--Feel free to answer below.--

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