Thursday, November 19, 2015

Killing Time

Can't sum it up and find it hard to articulate exactly...

but something is wrong with the people ruling us

and the massive corporations that control our media etc.

greed is good, ignorance is bliss, yada yada yada

and anyone who thinks the environment is more important than jobs gets freely labeled a 'commie' or some other such slur, but the 'Captains of Industry' and their talking heads (see FOX) never get called 'fascists' openly and if someone did they'd have a shit fit...

don't necessarily believe many of the conspiracy theories out there but I have to admit a few of them can't be dis-proven

just seems so weird that the acts the terrorists commit, usually play out so well for the dominant hegemony, don't want to think about it too much cos even if it's true, most peeps will never believe it and you can't really do anything to change it, can you? If you go on about it too much, people just fink you're some kindo ID10t. probally crazy, half hand, handcuffed covered in chocolate, Dipped in Irony, a dirty baseline and some oral pleasure.

aNd a feather (boa)

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