Saturday, February 02, 2008

Overlords of the Underclass

Just finished reading my new favourite book, so now I'm going to endorse it and generally recommend to anyone even slightly interested in the history of Christianity, but without too much of an entrenched or rigid view that may be challenged. Well actually you don't really need to give two tosses about God as long as you like a good book. Anyway said book is called "My Name Was Judas" By C.K Stead, so go get it now before I write another post about something else! I highly recommend it. It was so good I read it in like three days. Warning: May make you think about things!

Here is my humble tribute:
(For some reason most of the words start with the letter 'R'.)

Reunification repelled
Reckless revolutionaries wreck reality
Restless ravens ravage randomly
Rinsed raiders rise romantically
Real religion rallies resistively
Rights ruined remain removed
Roman rules ride rough-shot
Raising rebellion remembered resonantly
Roots really reassert ruthlessness
Ragged rabbles rouse resentful rabbis
Regional rivalries resist reason

I apologise in advance.

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