Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Will Tell

As I've said before on at least one occasion: when life is good the blogging suffers! Well... so be it! You can't have your cake and eat it too. Or to put it more precisely: you can't enjoy your happiness and then moan that you're not sad any more. I can still do some crazy patterns like this though...

Freaky shizzle!

If you squint your eyes it's kind of like a wasp orgy... I wish the bees would kill them already, and stop the crazy wasp sex-parties that are corrupting our nations poor, innocent, youthful, advertising-executives and their button-down-Madison-Avenue-scene-trip-out-fiesta... we know your out there so just come out and fight, don't think you can stand behind your puppets forever! Turn us all against ourselves will you? Oh, so we did that before you existed? I guess you can carry on then, you money accumulating, space-time continuum adherents! We can build a machine to smash your particles, at catastrophic speeds. Create worm holes in your foot holds, and right through a bottle-neck. Take that big bang!

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