Monday, September 29, 2008

Courtship in the Youtube Age

When is a recession a depression?

I am a composite of various moods and organic materials.

We only know part of what we don't know, unless we don't anything?

I worship and fear the blue Screen of Death.

As I see it. In my opinion. I think that...

I am America and so can you on Tuesdays.

After-dinner-graffiti. Wake up and go to bed.

Get off the damn roof, before the vice squad.

Most of my hero's don't appear on stamps, but they'd lick you.

You are now rocking with the Best, the worse and all that I can be.

I wasn't unhappy, I just wasn't satisfied.

If I was a bumper sticker I'd be a badge.

Leave me be, I'm craving attention.

It took years to become an overnight success.

You're the conflicted one, I'm just oxymornic.

Polymorphic anthropomorphisms.

If you don't get, I don't either.

Go confuse yourself, if you don't like the way I do it.

Slogans are for losers!

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