Friday, October 10, 2008

Originality is Dead; Long Live Aimless Repetition!

organised chaos
unconnected randomness

free market stagnation
mutual strangulation

climate of panic
business as usual

mutating like a virus
spreading like wildfire

fraudulent construct
Noble lies

inverse proportions
transverse vectors

an old theory of everything
nothing new under the sun

devils on speed
apocalypse on horseback

fear and intimidation
shock and awe

digital representations of real life
meta tags and glad rags

your not getting younger
time's tide will smother you

naked ambition
modus operandi

when the sun goes down
we all hit oblivion

don't be sad, we all die alone
unless it's a mass suicide

gumption tested by events
the divine roulette wheel

finger on the pulse
fist in the air

outside me
inside you

1 comment:

Ronan said...

don't try to understand it, let it try to understand you.