Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Annoyingly Asinine Alliteration Article

Read for yourself:

  • Gross gossip guarantees guerrilla guesswork, geographical generalities, grandstanding and golden garnishes of gentle garrotting.
  • Fiscal folly frustrates famed firms finally flagged from fleecing flocks of families, forcing financial funerals.
  • Independent interviews influence international interest, igniting informed inquiries into imaginative isolationists intently imbibing intoxicants.
  • Current circumstances: Crazy crackpots cranking circular collider can cause calamitous catastrophes. Could cosmic chaos crush civilisation? Cowering civilians cry "cripes!"
  • Long luscious looks leave lingerie lost. Leading to: liquor, ligaments loosened, and light lubrication. Last liquid linkages left luminous long-time.
  • Failed fruitpickers fix functional faults for frugal farmers finding Fijians funny fingersizes forever flawed.
  • Palin's policies peddling Pentecostal patronage of premarital purgatory. Provoke painful penny-pinching pressures prior to probable poor polling.
  • Tough times turn tax testimonies to testing targets, turning tame traditionalists into tragic turncoats too tired to try.
  • Minor minimalists make messy montages, maximising many makes of motorcar. Mainly masking most Marxist manipulations majestically.
  • Overachieving Obama outspends overly optimistic octogenarian omnipotently opposed onward to oligarchy.
  • Placid Palmy paints painted pastoral picturesqueness pleasantly passing processing platitudes professionally.
  • Election edicts endorses early enrolment evocation, especially eternal emos, elderly entities and even enthusiastic evangelists earning Euros elegantly.
  • Racist Republicans rally round right-wing rectum rangers, reciting regal rodgerings reeking of relatively raw rage.
  • Merciless marketeering milk manufacturers, make micro-managing mangled miniature multivitamins mistakenly made in Mandarin milieu mishap moment.
  • As assorted arsenals of aimlessly armed airguns across Auckland's assault areas are accused, assailants acrimonious and awful atrocity alarms all.
  • Polished porcelain partitions paint perky portions pathetically past porky pastry pies piled partially prematurely post pious precautions.
  • Monday's melee makes me mostly miss MacIntyre's melodious mini-me. Mighty male master's momentum moved militarily map-wise to main mustering meetings.
  • Toilet time tales takes tearful tension toward today's tedious tormented telling of totally toasted Tuesday togetherness.
  • Overexposed Obama's ominous occurrence outflow, only oversees occasional outlets of omissions operating ostensibly outlandish ostrich-like older optimists.
  • Faltering financial failure floats frozen funds forbidden to fix foreclosures, fool farmers and find fees. F*ck free-market fixtures found fundamentally flawed.
  • Secret Satan shoots scholarly school students sincerely studying Santa's sins.

Once again this post is for: J. Ho, deej & son...

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Deej said...

Nice I see each one starts with a common letter, like sesame st right?