Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New Normal

The phrase finisher....

Whatever doesn't kill you...

  • will let you live longer
  • gives you something to think about when alone
  • can only haunt your nightmares
  • reminds you of priorities
  • updates your mental bucket-list
  • could encourage you to greatness
  • jolts you back to reality
  • adjusts your mode of thinking
  • can stall progress momentarily
  • can leave a nasty scar and/or rash
  • will give you tales to tell when inebriated
  • can alter your existence

A stitch in time...
  • saves ninety nine
  • keeps you in your prime
  • brings the rest in line
  • supports design
  • fights decline
  • turns water to wine
  • adds lemon to lime
  • sets off a mine
  • tips with a dime
  • smells like pine
  • overthrows a swine
  • talks like a mime
  • doesn't drink wine
  • makes up a stupid rhyme

People in Glass houses...
  • are friends with gnomes
  • don't live near piles of stones
  • obliviously don't value privacy*
  • should not detonate explosives
  • sleep with the television on
  • need to be mindful of nakedness
  • can grow their own herbs and vegetables
  • don't want to be alone or listen to Billy Joel
  • see you before you ring the doorbell or knock
  • hopefully have a nice view of an ocean or wildlife
  • might wish to invest in double-glazing to prevent heat loss
  • would be absolutely sick and tired of the premise of this post by now

*unless it's tinted glass

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dissociatedprenihilist said...

Ingenious!! Good going!