Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twisted by Seismic Activity Beyond Our Control

After the clean up

Not all bodies found

All feelings are normal

Not knowing how to react

From recovery to demolition

Tilted buildings in the distance

Others are fare worse off than us

complaining is a luxury the least affected

Playing pick up sticks with bookcases

Post traumatic stress Disorder

Unavailability of basic services

Fear of another earthquake

Glass on the carpet

Broken infrastructure

Deserted city

Soldiers guarding posts

Bridges Down

Traffic congestion

Survivor guilt

Everything changed forever

More billionaires than ever

Charlie Sheen is a disaster

I couldn't have done anything to stop it

would it be safer in space

the end of discovery

Glad I am not in Libya

I wish I had someone to blame

but it wouldn't change a thing

chit chat achieved

Another aftershock

At least I have Angel Hair

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Tim said...

That post had deep impact bro.