Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Difficult Subject Matter

The Starts of Thoughts

From Underground credibility
To accessibility in the mainstream?
Do they all merge into one mass culture?
Is there a mainstream for each country?
Or a overall mainstream of meta Western culture?
Death is never funny, unless you are into black humour...

If I were 'crazy' I would say that our global economy
is built on a Ponzi scheme that is addicted to growth...

but I might get labelled an 'activist' for spreading such truth.
Wish I had some insider trading tips (I'm probably on a watch list now)
but I don't want to associate with corporate thieves
Robber barons, raiders, slash-and-burn-merchants

Text goes here
Text goes there

Wait for it
Here it comes

All you wanted and more
Sorry I can't back that up

No pay off this week sister
Find your own meanings

Irony, satire, parody
Logic, reason, wisdom
Humour, witticism, jest
Agony, torture, pain
compassion, mercy, decency

"The world is all that is the case" - (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
I still haven't really worked out what that means yet...

Compressible recession

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