Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorry For Your Loss

Ok so we all have decent enough internet connections these days, that me putting a bunch-o-pics on here, is not gonna mean you have to sit there for half an hour waiting for the hourglass to stop spinning? Is it? Agreed! Yay! I like consensus. Democracies are sooooooo messy, all that compromise and debate, then no one gets what they want... Whereas dictatorships have brilliant uniforms, trains that run on time with precision efficiency and a big stick to clobber any complaining weasels with dissenting opinions that aren't on board for the big win. Leaving only one over-arching, non-rhetorical, anti-conformist question remaining; hoovering like a bad smell or insect, above the elephant in the room... "When did you become a nut-bar?" The cries rang out, as machine-gun fire pierced the air in celebration, mixing sports, politics, warfare and prejudice into several imaginary allegories of moral confusion and disconnection from the natural environment. That we had learnt so much about from our time in windowless buildings full of other disenchanted homo sapiens. Boredom is a symptom of time, like life is a symptom of death. More details to follow, that will surely confirm what you had previously thought was nonsense, but never the missing link that barely matters either way.

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